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Stingray Business is a global provider of licensed background music for businesses. Choose from our unrivaled selection of licensed background music channels or develop your signature sound with a branded channel.

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Music Done Right

  • Curated by a team of more than 100 music marketing experts from around the globe.

  • Designed for businesses and screened for inappropriate content and lyrics.

  • Licensed for commercial use.

  • Catalogue of over 25 million rights included songs to help build your music marketing strategy.

  • Updated regularly, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

  • Seamless delivery and update processes through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. 


Choose Your Music Device 


Your Music. Your Way.

Music Player

This plug-and-play device downloads your background music and messages through ethernet or Wi-Fi and stores them for future play. Never worry about internet outages again!

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Web Player

Legally stream unlimited background music in your commercial space with our Web Player! A budget-conscious solution that plays music straight from your computer.

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Mobile App

Legally stream unlimited background music for your commercial space with our mobile app! A budget-conscious solution that doesn't require any wiring or installation.

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Music Videos

Enhance your customer experience playing the hottest and latest high definition music videos in your store! 

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 Music Channels


Create the perfect music background by choosing from our catalog of over 400 channels.

Listen to our channel samples and pick the right one for your brand, or contact us if you are looking for a custom music solution for your business.


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Licensed Music

SOCAN, CML, RESOUND, CSI, and SOPROQ licenses may be required if you play background music in your business. We own all the national licenses required to play music legally. Endorse the development of an equitable compensation system for Canadian musicians by broadcasting licensed music.

• Bypass the bureaucratic and expensive procedures of remitting copyright fees by using Stingray Business as a background music provider.

• Our licensed music will allow you to avoid receiving heavy fines for copyright infringement and non-compliance.

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