The SB3 Media Player


Let this media player transform your commercial environment and  heighten your in-store experience. Connect with your customers  through a unique musical identity, vocal messages and stunning HD videos!

The SB3 ensures flawless delivery by downloading your audio and video content through Ethernet or WiFi and storing it on the device for future play.

Never worry about internet outages again!

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Enhance your store ambiance with expertly curated music channels without ever having to worry about licensing or royalties!

This robust solution delivers commercial-ready audio and video content in a simple plug-and-play installation. 

Looking for a unique sound for your brand? Ask about our music consultancy service for a custom-built playlist that embodies your brand and identifies with your customers.

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Let us take care of your in-store media entertainment so you can focus on your day-to-day priority – your customers!


Product Features

  • Plug-and-play media player installed in less than 10 minutes
  • Dual audio zones to create distinct musical atmospheres within your business
  • Access to a web-based interface to set music needs for all your commercial establishments with one single log-in
Ask us about inserting advertising content into your lineup to inform, educate and upsell your clients at point of sale!


Audio and Video Content for your Business 

•    Profanity-free music that is ready for commercial use! Playlists are screened for inappropriate content and lyrics. 

•    Large selection of channels (audio and video) that are updated regularly.

•    Receive the player with your pre-selected music or video content. Subsequent updates are automatically downloaded              once the player is connected to Ethernet or WiFi. 


Ask us about our audio or video content creation service!         


Licensed for Commercial Use


Fully licensed music! Stingray Business owns all national licenses required to play music legally in your commercial environment. 

We care about artists and publishers receiving proper compensation for their work. Licenses are required to play music in a commercial setting, yet many business owners are not aware of this and continue to play music that is not licensed for commercial use. Our global expertise in music licensing will help you avoid copyright fees and non-compliance fines, while also giving you access to the best selection of licensed music for your business. 

Play fully licensed music to support artists and publishers and to avoid fines from collecting societies!

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