The Stingray Business Web Player

Our all new web player allows you to stream unlimited background music legally in your commercial establishment. All you’ll need to get started is a computer and an Internet connection.

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Broadcasting music in your commercial space has never been easier!

Designed for businesses and screened of inappropriate content, this budget-conscious solution requires little to no training and does not involve any wiring or complicated installation.




Why choose the web player?

  • Choose from over 100 channels designed for businesses, in addition to 2000 channels from the Stingray Music catalog. 
  • Updated every day!
  • Broadcast your content legally. 
  • Enjoy unlimited streaming in the highest quality digital audio. 
  • Navigate freely from one channel to another to change the mood in your business as the day unfolds. 
  • Bookmark your favourite channels. 
  • No ads, no talk. Just great music!


Choose from our premium subscription and get access to two licenses per store!

These licenses can be used on a computer or mobile device of your choice!

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