Elevate your Brand Experience with Stingray Business

Stingray Business is a leader in the scope of in-store media solutions. As visionaries in brand positioning, we offer the essential tools to create innovative and welcoming commercial environments.

With more than 125,000 clients, including retail stores, restaurants, and hotels, trust our team to promote and enhance your brand image. Our offering is endless - background music and messaging, captivating digital experiences, state-of-the-art AV equipment as well as our recently acquired Stingray Chatter, an AI-driven real-time customer feedback solution.

Customized Licensed Background Music 

No ads, no talk, just great music! 

Broadcast background music in your commercial establishment through our mobile app, web player, or our powerful media player. Our music selections are curated for businesses, screened for inappropriate content, and licensed for commercial use. Whichever industry you are in, Stingray Business has you covered and provides:

  • Music for retail 
  • Music for restaurants
  • Music for hotels
  • Music for pharmacies 
  • Music for grocery stores
  • Music for banks... and more!

Choose from our unrivaled selection of background music channels or develop your customized sound with a branded channel.

In-Store & On-Hold Messaging

Influence your client’s buying patterns through targeted on-hold phone messages and in-store audio advertising. Our reliable and convenient technology allows you to:

  • Deliver urgent public service announcements
  • Increase impulse buys
  • Draw attention to targeted items and limited-time offers
  • Inform about new products and services
  • Improve brand positioning

Innovative Digital Experiences

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of engineers, project managers, developers, and designers that are passionate about creating innovative digital experiences and great commercial ambiances. From a single LTO screen to a menu board or digital drive-thru, there is no digital signage project too big or too complicated for us.

Promote your in-store marketing and in-store commercials by using our services.

Cutting-Edge AV Equipment

Whether you’re looking for systems of scale or want to create a signature audiovisual experience with sophisticated applications, we’ve got you covered. Trust our network of more than 100 certified AV equipment specialists to recommend and deploy the best audio, video, and integrated technologies in your commercial establishment. From purchase to install, we’re there to help you every step of the way.

Customer Feedback for the Modern Retailer 

Talk to your customers when and where it matters. Get instant feedback analysis for real-time insights. Stingray Chatter uses text, voice, NFC, or QR code triggers to increase customer feedback engagement by more than eight times traditional surveying methods. How our AI solution saves lost sales:

  • Collects feedback as shoppers leave the store
  • If they don’t purchase, the conversation finds out why
  • AI makes smart recommendations to save the sale