Customer feedback tool for the modern retailer 

Chatter Research, a customer feedback tool, uses AI-driven, conversational surveys to provide a better feedback experience for your customers and higher quality data for your company. Our conversation engine interprets responses in real-time to deliver actionable insights when they matter.


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           Client Feedback


Get client feedback the easy way.

Our SMS conversations make giving client feedback as effortless  as possible for your customers on a medium they use the   most.

Our mobile-centric solution not only promotes  detailed, qualitative feedback but can drive e-commerce  and app installs as well.

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The perfect customer feedback tool



Capture 25% of non-purchasers
and win them back in minutes




Chatter collects customer feedback in real-time as shoppers leave your store.


If they didn’t make a purchase, we ask the right questions to find out why.



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Our AI makes smart   recommendations with the right   product, info, or discount to save the sale.


Seriously powerful AI 

Designed for retailers


“Their revolutionary AI provides us with instant feedback from our customers that is straight to the point and actionable.”

Mike Moran

Vice President, Fanatics Retail

“We chose Chatter because of their innovative platform and personal touch.  Our stores now have consistent feedback flowing in directly from customers on a daily basis. Its very empowering and motivating! “

Cindy Keddington

(Former) Voice of the Customer, LUSH

“The results were immediate and meaningful. Chatter’s AI shopper feedback solution delivered learning that gave us a real edge. The real time learning allowed us to quickly reduce friction around our website checkout and increase our shopper conversion.”

Milton Pappas

(Former) Chief Digital Officer, RTW Retailwinds

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Actionable insights right to your dashboard


Find out what your customers are saying and what’s impacting their satisfaction.



Track your NPS, satisfaction, and customers' most discussed topics over time.



Group, split, and segment your survey data over multiple dimensions.



Track what options are affecting our NPS scores and address them in real-time.




See how Fanatics uses Chatter Research in their stores


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We help eCommerce brands capture client feedback at any step of the customer journey