Sports Experts

Sports Experts, a major Canadian sports-retailer franchise who is no stranger to this dramatic shift in consumer behaviour, chose to arm itself against the invasion rather than stand idly by while consumers use their stores as showrooms for the competition!

In collaboration with Sports Experts’ management team, Stingray Business helped develop a two-pronged approach that would drastically reduce showrooming in two new Sports Experts stores (Carrefour Laval and Place Ste-Foy) into hubs of immersive, digital experiences.

Harnessing Digital Experiences

Adding to the challenge of this massive undertaking, digital supports and content needed to be developed and installed in parallel with the design and construction of both stores.





The Result

The seamless integration of cutting-edge digital innovations and the transformation of the shopping experience:

  • 100’ ringboard LED screen (a Quebec-first in a retail environment)
  • Display cubes with transparent screens promoting sought-after brands.
  • Synchronized multi-screens themed video walls broadcasting custom content adapted to each department (i.e. hockey, golf.)
  • Shoe display cases with RFID chips 
  • Sales aid kiosks connected to Sports Experts’ new transactional website.
  • This audacious project has brought Sports Experts years ahead of the competition with respect to integrating technology into the retail environment. The two revamped Sports Experts stores also serve as a menu of options for franchisees wishing to implement and customize one or many of these solutions.



“Our objective is to reach out to our customers. Selling products is no longer enough, we want to be a store that builds long-standing relationships with clients.” 

- Jean-Stéphane Tremblay, Executive Vice-President, FGL Sports




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