We've brought you back the best of C2 Montréal 2016!

With over 6000 visitors, 130 talks, panels, masterclasses and workshops, 3000 lab sessions, 2200 brain dates and loads of unconventional activities allowing attendees to get out of their comfort zones and get their creative juices flowing, this year’s C2MTL conference was another great success!


Needless to explain that the conference allying commerce and creativity can get overwhelming at times. Especially if you are looking for a quiet area to catch up on your e-mails or just sit back and relax. Which is why the Stingray team put something special together for the 5th edition of C2MTL.

Our experience in retailing and enhancing customer experience was useful in creating a unique experience in our All Good Vibes lounge in the heart of the C2 village and all the festivities. Attendees were invited to step inside our lounge where they could take a seat in a cozy chair, put on some headphones and listen to a specially curated Zen Bliss playlist. This immersive and relaxing on-site experience was a relief from all the festivities and the hot spring days that had already hit temperatures averaging at 27 degrees!


If you missed out on the 5th edition of the C2MTL conference, don’t fret! Sid Lee has put together great daily recaps you can watch right here:

Recap Day 1   with strategist Elana Gorbatyuk and creative Kwame Taylor-Hayford.

Recap Day 2   with Lukas Derksen, Managing Partner at Sid Lee NYC and Jared Stein, VP Buisness Group Director and Partner at Sid Lee

Recap Day 3   with Eve Rémillard-Larose, Managing Partner of Sid Lee Toronto and Nicolas van Erum, Managing Partner of Sid Lee L.A.