Royalty Free Music Melbourne

Trust Stingray Business with Your Royalty-Free Music in Melbourne

Are you seeking a convenient strategy for playing royalty-free music in Melbourne? We offer the solution you need. We have a library of more than 25 million rights-included songs, all chosen, curated and segmented into different channels perfect for background music at your business.

Tips Regarding Royalty-Free Music in Melbourne

In so many businesses, music plays an important role. Even as ‘background music,’ the right song can set a mood, enliven a crowd or even drive a sale. If you are going to use music in your business, though, it’s important to consider these tips:

  • Don’t just use Spotify or Apple Music: Most business owners bring music into their establishments by playing Spotify, Apple Music or other music streaming services over their speakers. The thing is that these services are intended for private use, which means the songs are not cleared for the public or commercial use for which you intend them. Without the royalties in place, you run the risk of a copyright claim just by playing the songs for your customers to enjoy.
  • Don’t skip music altogether: The most obvious solution to the copyright complexity of playing music is to stop playing music. As mentioned above, though, music plays an important role in restaurants, pubs, banks, hair salons, retail stores and many other businesses. Don’t sacrifice this role just because you aren’t sure how to get copyright-free music in Melbourne.
  • Pick the right music: Some thought should go into the music you play in your business. The right vibe for a bridal shop will be different than what you would play in a pub. Curating the music you play—or having someone else do it for you—can go a long way towards setting the right mood.

Benefits of Stingray Business

When you use our royalty-free music library in Melbourne, you will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Rights all settled: We have gone through the process of obtaining licensing rights for every song in our library. Thus, our clients don’t need to worry about going through this laborious process themselves.
  • Songs screened for language: A team of 100 or so music marketing experts curates our library of copyright-free music in Melbourne, always with businesses in mind. One benefit of this curation is that songs have already been screened for language. You don’t need to worry about a song coming on and offending your customers with its crudeness or suggestive lyrics.
  • Curated for different moods or business types: Our royalty-free music library in Melbourne consists of 400 different music channels, each of which offers a slightly different style or mood of music. We can even help you find the right channel for your business.

About Stingray Business

Stingray Business has been operating in Australia, in some form, for 20 years. We are a global provider of music marketing solutions, including background music, with a presence in 156 countries. Our channels provide the soundtrack to over 80,000 commercial locations worldwide. To learn more about our royalty-free music in Melbourne, contact us today.