Royalty Free Music

Find Top-Quality Royalty Free Music with Stingray Business

Royalty free music can be an incredible asset for a business owner. Most people love listening to music when shopping, but no one likes a generic rotation of songs that they have heard a million times or could hear at any time by simply turning on the radio. With our list of over 400 curated music channels, you can pick one that represents your business, your existing customers, and the customers you want to attract.

What Sets Stingray Business Apart Regarding Copyright Free Music

Our team of experts spends hours and hours curating various genres and channels representing different moods and vibes to suit your specific business.

  • We are a strong team. As Stingray Business, we aim to consistently have a strong team behind the scenes working to give our clients a quality platform to use for music in their various locations to encourage certain emotions or a specific ambience for your customers. We can create branded music channels that reflect your business and its particular values and presence. As content curation and music professionals, we aim to help you represent your company by using music effectively.
  • We have a global presence. We are not limited to Australian music as we collect tunes, artists, and sounds from all over the world. If you want a playlist of traditional Irish songs, we can make that happen. We offer customisation options to help you achieve the specific vibe you want for your company. We understand that each business is unique, and there is no single set list of songs that will work in every store or location. Gyms may want a high-energy playlist filled with fast-paced, uplifting melodies, while a clothing store for children prefers child-friendly songs with no bad language or negative connotations.

Tips Regarding Free Background Music

Here are a couple of tips for using background music to get the most out of our services.

  • Consider the volume. The volume of background music in a retail setting is an essential consideration. It becomes almost impossible to think properly when music is too loud. It is called background music for a reason; it should be in the background. Studies have shown that when music is too loud in a store, people will more often than not, just give up and look for a different store where the atmosphere is more welcoming and comfortable. When it comes to playing music in your stores, your customers' comfort must be your priority.
  • Think about your clients. It’s important to remember that most moms shopping for food on a Saturday, maybe towing small children along, probably won’t enjoy blaring rap music. You need to make a study of who your customers are and the types of music that will make their shopping experience better. Each genre of music has its place in the world, but a Saturday morning shopping trip isn’t the place that many people want to be exposed or introduced to genres that they don’t enjoy or have never even heard of before.

Why Royalty Free Background Music is Cost Effective

With music channels designed for businesses, screened for inappropriate content, and constantly being updated with new music, you will have the perfect sounds for your business at the tips of your fingers at all times. No more digging through old CDs to play in your store, now you can access millions of titles that your customers will love.

Contact us today to find out more about our samples or to start the conversation about creating your own, personalised, branded music channel.