Royalty Free Background Music Sydney

Add Character to Your Business with Royalty Free Background Music in Sydney

Royalty free background music in your Sydney business can enhance the customer experience. Music selection is essential and must reflect your brand and the feeling you want to create for your customers, whether it is energetic and upbeat, or relaxed and calm.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Hospitality Background Music in Sydney

The following are three common mistakes to avoid when selecting and playing background music in your business.

  • The wrong type of music can negatively impact your brand and business. When creating your space, it is essential that the music reflects the experience you want for your customers. A spa is more successful if the music is soothing, where a pub requires music that is high energy. We have over 400 channels to choose from, but if these do not fit your brand, we can create a custom channel for your business.
  • Playing music too loudly or too quietly causes discomfort for clients and impacts their ability to enjoy your hospitality. Consider adding audio to spaces where music adds value. Upbeat music by the pool or patio can create a feeling of fun and energy, as long as it is loud enough to enjoy but also allows conversation. Avoid adding music to areas where it may not add value like a hallway or already noisy space.
  • Not understanding your desired customer experience is a mistake with a high impact. People interact with music and respond consciously and unconsciously. When selecting background music for your retail locations in Sydney, avoid discord and select sounds that match the ambience you want to create. Use a bright music channel for clothing stores and a peaceful channel for giftware and candle stores. If your customers enjoy the music, they will spend more time browsing, leading to more sales.

Humans react to music, whether consciously or unconsciously. Music influences our decision to linger in a store, increasing purchases, and the likelihood of a return visit, or recommendation to friends.

Problems Background Music for Restaurants in Sydney Addresses

Background music has been used in restaurants and pubs for centuries to create a welcoming feeling for customers. Modern background music addresses a few additional problems.

  • Background music fills in lulls in conversation, whether on a first date or married for fifty years. It provides a conversation topic for awkward first dates and a comfortable ambience for married couples.
  • Music licensing is essential for background music for pubs in Sydney and across Australia. As a business you must comply with all regulations, and our royalty and copyright free background music makes compliance easy. We offer managed music services that utilise our catalogue with over 25 million song rights and choose from over 400 channels.
  • Avoid offending customers with inappropriate content or lyrics. A global team of 100 music marketing experts curate our content. They screen and remove any inappropriate content, so you can trust your customers will not be offended by your background music.

Music has been an essential component of creating an atmosphere in restaurants and pubs for centuries and will continue to do so for many more.

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