Royalty Free Background Music Melbourne

Get Access to Royalty Free Background Music for Your Melbourne Business

You can play royalty free background music in your Melbourne business when you have access to our hundreds of different channels. Our media marketing professionals have carefully curated our music channels for various establishments including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, banks and more.

Tips Regarding Background Music for Retail in Melbourne

Consider these tips when selecting music for your business.

  • Use a legal source: It is essential that you use music that is licensed and legal to play in your store. It can be an expensive mistake if you get caught playing music illegally on a CD or iPod. Streaming songs can also be illegal. That’s why our online music platform gives you access to royalty free background sounds that can enhance your shopper´s overall experience.
  • Choose music that fits your brand: You want to ensure that your music selection matches your brand and encourages your customers to spend more time in your store. We recommend considering the characteristics of your business and finding a music style that represents the same image. For example, a high-end jewellery store can have its elegance and sophistication portrayed through classical music.
  • Keep your staff happy: Your team will be listening to your chosen music for extended periods and unpleasant or annoying music can negatively impact their performance. We can help you find a balance with your music of encouraging your customers to shop while keeping your employees happy and boosting staff morale.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Hospitality Background Music in Melbourne

You will get the most value out of your music when you avoid these common mistakes.

  • Volume: Your target audience should be a guide as to where you set the volume of your music. Younger generations have been shown to enjoy establishments with louder music, while older customers prefer a softer volume level. It is essential that you make a considered decision on volume level based on your customers´ general preference.
  • Genre: The style of background music for restaurants in Melbourne is one of the first things that customers will notice. You should pick a genre of music that complements your establishment and encourages your customers to relax while they dine. For example, a high-end restaurant should avoid pop songs and select a style such as classical music which creates ambience and causes your patrons to linger longer. Alternatively, background music for pubs in Melbourne will have something more upbeat.
  • Tempo: The tempo of your music can influence how long your customers stay in your restaurant or pub. Slower music can help people to relax and stay longer at your eatery and therefore potentially spend more, whereas fast music causes patrons to hurry and exit more quickly.

We can help you to select music based on the messages you want to communicate with your customers.

About Stingray Business

We employ a team of over 100 music professionals and consultants from around the world to provide the best collection of sounds. Our music is licensed for commercial use, and we can help you to express your brand through your chosen media. Contact us today to sample our music channels or to create a custom signature sound.