LED Displays

LED Displays Play a Critical Role in Informing Your Customers

Well designed and placed LED displays will attract customers to your business and provide them with essential information. Place these displays in locations that will draw customers in to your business when you use a bright and clear design. Once inside, they can be utilised to provide information about products and other marketing content.

What Sets Stingray Business Apart in LED Displays in Australia

We are a global company with over twenty years’ experience in Australia. We are not your average media marketing company.

  • We can provide content curation for your visual displays. We create channels specifically designed to reflect your brand and marketing strategy. These can support your in-store campaigns and can be updated frequently with fresh content.
  • We understand that outstanding customer experience is essential to building your customer base. You can choose to create, schedule, and upload your own content to any of our visual media. However, we offer content creation services by professional designers who customise content for your client base and target market. By utilising this service, you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • We are a technology platform. We follow current digital trends and work with experienced engineers, developers, and designers to implement the latest digital media technology. Your customers will be impressed by the latest in visual marketing, leaving them with the impression that your company is current and relevant.

We focus on providing visual marketing solutions to our clients across the globe. Our global reach allows us to provide our clients with the latest in marketing technology.

Common Mistakes People Make About LED Displays in Sydney

When selecting and creating your visual marketing displays, avoid the following mistakes.

  • Creating and updating your own content. If you are not a marketing professional, we recommend working with a professional designer. Professional content is more effective for attracting customers and generating sales. The time saved by outsourcing content creation allows you to focus on the in-store experience to build and retain customers. You can schedule content updates, or you can have our team manage the whole process. If you choose to schedule and update content, we recommend designating one individual to manage the updates, so the updates are consistent and completed on time.
  • Placing visual media in the wrong location or on the wrong platform. We offer several visual media options, including LED displays, video walls, and wayfinders. It is imperative that you choose the correct platform and location. An LED display is bright and weather-proof and is an excellent option for your storefront window or billboard. A video wall is better suited for store interiors. No matter which platform you choose, it must be visible to customers.
  • Busy, confusing messaging. A sign that has too many colours or too many words is not going to attract customers because it is visually confusing and overwhelming. Ensure your messages are clear and direct. Stick to simple language, minimal words, and two or three colours.

Take advantage of visual marketing by working with a professional designer, choosing the right platform, and ensuring it is visible as customers walk past your store.

Why Stingray Business

Stingray Business has 300 employees worldwide, including Australia. We have a global presence with locations in 156 countries and offer complete audio and visual marketing solutions. With over twenty years’ experience in Australia, we can help you find the right solution for your market.

Contact us to discuss your visual media needs.