Molson & Stingray launch the MVP program!

Molson Coors Canada has partnered with Stingray Business in the establishment of an MVP program in order to increase in-store traffic in independent convenience stores in Quebec, improve customer experience and maximize conversion.


To reach these objectives, Molson decided to significantly invest in digital signage tools in different locations across the province. Stingray Business came into play as an expert in in-store digital innovations and was able to advise Molson throughout the implementation of the pilot project.

In addition to strategic advice, Stingray was also mandated to integrate and create visual content with high impact. In order to remain fresh and relevant, the content is updated every 13 weeks, depending on the promotional cycles of Molson Coors' different brands such as Sol, Madjack and others.

Specifically, the MVP program leverages the use of LED screens to attract customers in key locations throughout the establishements by featuring various promotions. For example, screen walls behind the cash registers or at the entrance of the cold room strengthen the brand's communications throughout the consumers' journey within the store and drive purchasing decisions due to their strategic placement.

Currently, the pilot project has been deployed in 4 facilities, but the goal is to extend the MVP initiative on a national scale.