SB3 Media Player
SB3 Media Player

The SB3 is the only delivery system you need to create an engaging in-store experience. Connect with your customers through a unique musical identity, vocal messages and stunning HD videos! 

Where can I find the volume button?

There is no volume button on your SB3 media player. The volume is adjusted by your store’s regular sound system, either via a volume control or directly on the amplifier connected to the SB3.

Where can I change channels?

If your store is internet connected, you are able to change the channel via from your mobile phone, tablet or your computer. If your store is not connected to the internet, please contact our support department.

Why my music goes down after an update on my SB3?

Music will temporarily shut off while the device updates. It is best to perform these updates at the close of business.

Why do your records show that I am turning off my device at night when I am not?

Verify if your SB3 is connected to a switched outlet. If you are turning off a light or master power source at night, this may be turning off the device.

There’s an Ethernet cable in the box with my SB3. If I don’t have internet, will the music still work?

Your SB3 is shipped with an Ethernet cable by default. However, music is loaded onto the player and will continue to work even if your store does not the internet. It is important however to be performing the regular USB updates to ensure music content is updated

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