Financial institutions, law firms, real estate firms, medical clinics and other high-traffic corporate environments can greatly benefit from our range of media solutions. Increase the feeling of well-being in your establishment and reinforce your reputation as a leading-edge company with the best music and digital signage.

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Digital Signage 

For offices

Our line of digital signage solutions has positioned us as a strategic partner for many small and medium businesses faced with internal communication issues. Often overlooked, on-screen messages can help companies keep their staff informed, up-to-date and motivated. Our internal networks instantly boost company culture, foster a collaborative environment and accelerate growth. Choose from hundreds of hours of soothing visuals, news, and live feeds, or create unique to reach key marketing objectives. The choice is yours.


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Music for Business

Playing music in your work environment can be a great way to create a pleasant atmosphere for your employees and customers. But did you know that it is illegal to play digital music files using an iPod or MP3 player in a commercial establishment without paying royalties? By opting for our music solutions for business, you will never have to worry about paying royalties again! Stingray Business is the authorized holder of all licenses necessary for the use, distribution and reproduction of all titles in its extensive catalogue. 

A portion of every dollar paid to Stingray Business goes to Canadian collectives, such as SOCAN and CONNECT MUSIC, to ensure that artists are paid fairly and can continue to create the music that drives your business.  


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