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Did you know that background music needs to be licensed to be legally played in your business?
With our music solutions and more than 10,000 commercial locations, Stingray Business is one of the largest European music providers of licensed background music for shops, restaurants, hotels, government institutions, schools, and cafés. Choose from our unrivaled selection of background music channels and playlists. We also develop customized music solutions for business chains that want exclusivity. 

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Music for cafés, restaurants, and hotels


●    Compiled by a team of experienced music experts from         all over the world
●    Designed for hotels and catering, both large and small-           scale
●    The largest European music catalogue for the right                 experience in your business at all times
●    Continuous updates with the newest music
●    Copyrighted and royalty-free music solutions


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Listen to a selection of our music, or download a PDF to read about the available choices. 


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Playing music in your business with consumer services such as Spotify is illegal because licenses are required to play background music or music videos in your company.

Stingray Business, an expert in music licenses for commercial spaces, can help you play music legally to avoid paying heavy music licensing fines.

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