Copyright Free Music Adelaide

Copyright-Free Music for Your Adelaide Company at Stingray Business

If you need copyright-free music in Adelaide, Stingray Business can help. Music licensing can be tricky, but we make it simple to use the type of music you need to create the mood your customers want, whether you want an energetic vibe, a peaceful and calm feel, or something else. Many different types of businesses can benefit from our royalty-free music library in Adelaide, from retail stores to hospitality businesses to gyms. At Stingray Business, we focus on content curation and can create branded channels that reflect your business. Enhance your customer experience with our fully-licensed and managed music service.

Related Services We Provide to Royalty-Free Music in Adelaide

In addition to royalty-free background music you can use for your clients, Stingray Business also offers a range of other technology services including:

  • Digital signage. Our team of digital signage professionals includes developers, engineers, project managers, and designers. From small screens to larger-than-life video walls, we provide customised digital signage for any business.
  • Music videos. Would you like to use the latest music videos in your establishment? We can help improve your customer experience with a custom music video channel or one of our curated channels in every popular genre.
  • Messaging. Customised audio advertising can help influence your customers’ buying patterns through in-store audio messages and targeted on-hold phone messages. For optimal results, combine this messaging service with your custom background music.
  • AV equipment. Our network of over 100 certified AV equipment professionals can recommend and implement the best audio and video technologies in your business. We ensure reliable and fast service, even in remote areas.

Benefits of Royalty-Free Music Library in Adelaide

Walk into just about any store, hospitality business, or gym and the chances are very good that you will hear music in the background. Smaller businesses may choose to play background music for the staff’s enjoyment, but for other companies, the music is handpicked as part of the shopper experience. Here are a few of the specific benefits of playing background music.

  • Improved shopper experience. There are many elements to the ideal shopper experience. Music goes a long way to helping create the atmosphere you want.
  • Influence buying behaviour. Music your customers like will encourage them to linger longer in your store, ultimately spending more.
  • Engaging the customer. Selecting the right music can help engage your customers, influence the way they feel, and ultimately improve customer loyalty by ensuring that they simply enjoy being in your store.

We can help you accomplish all these objectives without the legal concerns that can be part of playing music publicly.

Why Trust Stingray Business Regarding Royalty-Free Music in Adelaide

At Stingray Business, we are a team of people who are passionate about providing technological solutions for modern businesses. We partner with Foxtel to bring you the royalty-free music and other solutions you need. We have built a global presence with 80,000 commercial locations in 156 countries. Contact us today to discuss your audio-visual business needs.