Background Music for Pubs Brisbane

Create Ambience with Background Music for Pubs in Brisbane

We have the perfect selection of background music for pubs in Brisbane - all curated by knowledgeable marketing professionals from around the world. You can get the right music to suit your style of business with access to our 400 plus music channels, or you can create your signature sound. Our managed music service is sure to enhance your customers´ experience.

Benefits of Background Music for Restaurants in Brisbane

There are numerous benefits to playing hospitality background music in your Brisbane restaurant. You will:

  • Create an inviting atmosphere: Background music may be the final draw that people need to step into your restaurant rather than lingering at the door. Music is the perfect way to make your eatery more inviting, and it will set the tone for the atmosphere you are creating.
  • Help to keep customer conversations private: Overhearing conversations from the next table can put a damper on your customer´s overall experience while they´re out celebrating a special occasion. Music will help to stop voices carrying around your restaurant and help to keep discussions private amongst the people at the table.
  • Encourage customers to stay longer: We can assist you in finding the ideal tempo of music to help your customers relax and enjoy their meals and drinks. Research has shown that slower paced music can influence patrons to stay longer in restaurants and potentially order more while they unwind and enjoy their dining experience.

What Sets Stingray Business Apart Regarding Royalty Free Background Music in Brisbane

We provide media solutions worldwide for a variety of different businesses including background music for retail stores in Brisbane.

  • Our large team of employees include experienced media entrepreneurs: We have been established in Australia for more than twenty years and provide rights-included music solutions to various establishments. Our channels are screened for inappropriate language and content, and we update with new songs regularly.
  • You can easily schedule music for multiple locations: Our easy to use online tool is useful for hotel chains as it allows you to program content for every establishment from one easy login. You can change the genre or tempo of your music at any time of the day or build the perfect music playlist for the season by dragging and dropping channels into your calendar.
  • Choose your customised sound: If our hundreds of channels are not exactly what you require, we can help you build your signature music channel that reflects your brand. This music marketing strategy is delivered seamlessly through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Let us help you to enhance your customers´ experience.

Why Use Stingray Business?

Our company employs experienced and talented music professionals to create channels that work for a variety of business platforms. From hotels, gyms, retailers, restaurants and more, we can help you to express your brand through media. Let us give you access to rights-included songs so the only thing you need to worry about is which music best reflects your business. Contact us today for specially curated background music or to create your own channel.