Background Music for Businesses

Background Music for Businesses Increases Revenue with Repeat Business

Background music for businesses is designed to attract customers and get them to linger longer and increase your sales. A store void of background music amplifies conversations and other noises that may distract your customers, causing them to leave with less in their baskets. Stingray Business offers you the opportunity to attract more customers and keep them returning for more. With over 400 channels created for specific industries, your establishment can create the right environment for increased business.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Background Music for Retail

Using music to entice shoppers to enter and spend money requires some thought to ensure the right music is playing for your brand.

  • Hip stores that sell speciality items wouldn’t do well to play classical music. Conversely, a high-end ladies shoe store, should shy away from loud rock music. Think carefully about the demographic you’re trying to attract and choose corresponding music.
  • Tempo affects the shopping experience by setting a pace for shoppers. Faster tempos near closing time will move shoppers through the store quickly allowing your staff to close on time and get home to their families sooner. Alternatively, playing a slower tempo encourages shoppers to browse slowly and spend more time in the store.
  • Choosing a specific genre of music helps establish your brand by connecting the type of music you play to your merchandise. When people hear a song in their car, they may remember hearing it in your store enticing them to visit again.

Benefits of Background Music for Pubs

Getting customers to stay longer and spend more money increases revenues over time. Playing background music that suits the environment ensures repeat customers by creating a relatable brand.

  • Bars that provide background music for their customers see better sales than bars without music. Playing the right music for your crowd ensures repeat business and word of mouth referrals to increase traffic.
  • Customers who like the music, tend to stay and enjoy their drinks for longer. They feel comfortable and create positive emotions that invite them back repeatedly.
  • Background music also keeps employees happier and enhances productivity and team interaction, which benefits your customers with exceptional service, further bolstering your bottom line.

Why Trust Stingray Business Regarding Background Music for Bars

We offer playlists designed for specific industries, including background music for hotels, hair salons, banks, gyms and many others. We employ a team of music marketing leaders to create playlists for specific industries or design something bespoke for your particular brand. All music is licensed for commercial use in our catalogue of over 25 million songs. We update the playlists regularly to keep content fresh and current.

After perusing the channels on our website, reach out with a phone call so we can help your business attract and maintain customers. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to add music to your environment that creates the right shopping experience for your customers and a pleasant workplace for your employees.