Video Walls

Video Walls Offer New Opportunities to Connect with Customers

Adding video walls to your establishment creates opportunities to stay connected with your customers with attention-grabbing digital displays that keep them engaged with your products and guide them through your store. Stingray Business has been helping businesses connect on another level with their customers using the latest, easily-manipulated technologies. Our experience with audio and visual marketing present you with alternatives to draw people in and make them comfortable while spending time in your establishment.

What You Can Expect from Stingray Business Regarding Video Walls in Australia

Our global business offers video walls to Melbourne businesses from our operation centres in Australia and Canada. We have over 20 years’ experience helping companies to engage directly with their customers on a massive scale.

  • We work with many industries to create an ambient environment that encourages customers to linger longer and spend more. The ever-changing displays keep your customers engaged in your store and products.
  • We focus on ultra-thin bezel video walls that you can leave unfinished for a modern look or frame to coordinate with your décor. The crisp images command attention without detracting from their surroundings.
  • Our music library offers you another aspect to enhance the ambience of your establishment. We have music channels designed for specific industries and can create a custom branding channel that complements your video walls in Perth.

Benefits of Video Walls

The versatility of video walls in Sydney offers you a multitude of options to entertain, inform and interact with your customers. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination and goals.

  • You can incorporate the sleek modern look into any interior design. The panels can be framed in wood in a rustic setting while still drawing your customer's attention with clear high resolution. The bright displays guide your patrons through the store or keep them entertained.
  • The software is easily manipulated to display still photos or graphics, moving videos, or text alerting customers to sale items or specials. You won’t need to hire someone to run the content; you will be able to select the content and determine the length of time to display each image with simple software commands.
  • Allowing your customers to interact with the walls helps guide them to the items they are looking for, make reservations and find background information on products. Allowing access to websites enables shopping companions to check the scores on their favourite teams while their partners shop.

Why Stingray Business is Cost Effective

Incorporating video walls into your place of business eliminates repetitive paper advertising, which is harmful to the environment. The ability to display sale items and their location allows your customers to find the products they’re looking for and draw their attention to others, thereby increasing sales. The cost to run the video walls is minimal, and the ability to tweak the displays yourself eliminates the need for additional staff. Give us a ring to learn more about our video wall options and how they will benefit your business.