The Ritz-Carlton Montreal

More than 100 years after its Grand Opening, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal continues to set the standard among luxury hotels. We sat down with our friends from the Ritz-Carlton Montreal to discuss everything from music to champagne.

The Ritz music style can be described as a “jazzy groove”. The assortment of jazzy music blends in seamlessly with the buzz of families who are discussing their sightseeing activities and is the perfect background music for two old friends toasting their champagne flutes. Stingray Business offers a best in class solution in which we expertly schedule multiple playlists throughout the day, and we have mastered the art of choosing playlists for each different part of the hotel. The Stingray Business music selection reflects the Ritz-Carlton’s brand essence, which is one of pure luxury and elegance.  

The Challenge

As Montreal’s most elegant address, the Ritz-Carlton was seeking a music provider whose selection of music would fit in with their mission, which according to the Ritz is to “provide a soothing atmosphere so clients can fully relax.” Given the central role that music plays in creating the right atmosphere, the Ritz-Carlton had to carefully pick a provider who would tend to their every need, and who would curate a selection of music that reflects their brand essence.

The Solution

According to the Ritz, they rely heavily on music to set the stage for relaxation. No matter where you are in the hotel, whether you are in the famous Maison Boulud Restaurant, getting pampered at the spa, or simply relaxing in your guest room, the music must enhance the atmosphere. As the official music provider for the hotel, we have mastered the art of setting a mood through our handpicked music selection that plays 24/7 throughout the hotel. No matter where you are in the hotel, you will be serenaded by the sound of Stingray Business. You might even hear the Ritz’s very own song “Putting on The Ritz”, as you walk down the hallways.  





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