Mandy's Salads

Mandy’s, started in Montreal by sisters Rebecca & Mandy Wolfe, is the ultimate lunch destination. Mandy’s has made its mark in Montreal with its 5 locations, both through amazing food and in-store vibes.

When you go into Mandy’s restaurant, you aren't just going for the food. Mandy’s has created an in-store experience that keeps you coming back for more. Mandy’s enlisted the help of Stingray Business to contribute to this experience through a custom built music playlist. This playlist embodies Mandy’s way of life, and it is part of the many reasons customers keep coming back for more! 

The Challenge

Mandy & Rebecca, self-proclaimed music addicts, both have an eclectic music style that is inspired by the many international destinations they have traveled to. When Mandy’s was in its early days, the two owners would create their own playlists. However, they found that putting together a playlist was time consuming, and in-order to please the wide diversity of clients and to avoid having repetitive music, they needed help.

The Solution

Mandy’s enlisted the help of Stingray Business to help meet their musical needs. During the consultation process, Mandy & Rebecca met with their Stingray Business music designer, Brian, to work together to build their perfect playlist. In-order to please the mix of tourists, locals, and of all the customers coming in and out of Mandy’s every day, the playlist offers an eclectic, up-beat collection of songs that is updated regularly, keeping the customers happy while they enjoy a delicious meal. According to Mandy and Rebecca, having a custom playlist is what truly creates a unique experience.



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