Digital Signs

Digital Signs Catch the Eye of Consumers Better Than Static Signs

Using digital signs to generate more business pays for itself quickly with more sales and brand recognition. The ability to change ads, specials or other information on the fly allows you to have someone see one advert on their way to work and a different one on their way home, creating more interest in your business. Stingray Business offers you the ability to increase trade with the latest technology

The Importance of Outdoor Digital Signage

Advertising is an integral part of business and attracts new customers and keeps them coming back. Digital signage is popping up all over the world, allowing companies to offer deals to their customers to entice them to spend more money at your establishment.

  • Studies conducted around the world have found that 70% of people recall seeing a digital sign and almost half of them remember the information. Using simple math of the 100 people passing by, approximately 33 people will remember your advertisement. Multiply that number by however many thousand passes by daily, and your in-store traffic must increase.
  • If you sell more than one product or service, having the ability to advertise multiple items throughout the day and night allows you to reach more potential customers. An automotive shop could promote oil changes, tyre rotations and tune-ups repeatedly throughout the day to remind drivers of necessary maintenance.
  • Quickly change the message any time without additional print costs. This ability allows you to change your content to better serve and communicate with your customers. A farmer’s market could use an outdoor digital sign to alert customers to an abundance of fruits and vegetables to ensure they sell them at the peak of freshness. As supplies dwindle, the item can be easily removed and replaced with something equally alluring.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Digital Signage

There are a few ways to increase your ROI (return on investment) to offset the initial setup costs. Adding additional advertisers to the mix adds another source of income for your business.

  • A complimentary business might benefit from using your digital sign and be willing to pay for advertising space. This option brings in additional revenue in the form of direct payment and increased foot traffic.
  • The location of the sign is critical to ensure as many people see it as possible. Be sure there are few obstructions, so your message is distinctly visible.
  • Schools and local sports groups are always looking for sponsors. Adding their logo to your digital sign can alert people to fundraising opportunities that draw people in to support their teams.

Why Stingray Business is Cost Effective

Our weatherproof LED displays are bright enough to be seen hundreds of feet away ensuring travellers will recognise and remember your ad any time of day. We have helped numerous industries increase business, including hospitality, restaurants and bars, retail, corporate and spas, to name a few. We also offer indoor digital signage to direct customers towards strategic items, locate specific products, find their way, and so much more.

Give us a call to learn more about how digital signs can help you increase business. We will create signage that suits your needs and produces real results.