Choose from IP, USB, On Demand, Streaming App, and Satellite delivery

Stingray Business lets you choose from five music delivery methods: USB, IP, On Demand, Streaming App, and Satellite. With a 100-strong IT department and substantial investments in research and development, we were able to develop the most flexible music delivery platform offer on the market. We have your audio needs covered regardless of your budget or network infrastructure!

For greater ease of use, all devices are paired with our control site allowing you to login remotely, keep close tabs on the music played in your store, schedule and broadcast personalized promotional messages, and even change channels on the fly. Our control site puts the power back into your hands by allowing you to self-manage content updates easily and efficiently.  You have full control over the content you choose to share with your clientele.


IP connected background music players 

IP updated music-players figure amongst our most popular content delivery services. This proven ''store and forward'' technology update overnight via secure IP networks so that every day is filled with fresh, uninterrupted music, including the latest hits. Flexible scheduling, dual-zone audio capability and management features make it the only delivery system you’ll need to provide an engaging experience for your customers. 


Music Streaming Mobile App

You can now stream unlimited music legally in your Wi-Fi connected business via our new mobile app. Download the free mobile app and quickly navigate among hundreds of expertly curated channels, in all popular genres. Available on Android and Apple devices, this budget-conscious solution requires little to no training and does not involve any wiring or installation.

On Demand Music Mobile App

Our revolutionary on-demand app lets you play a key role in the conception of your business’ musical atmosphere. Unleash your inner DJ by picking your favorite tunes from a predetermined catalog that has been created to reflect and enhance your image. This latest addition to our product portfolio will give you a sense of ownership over the direction of your brand, enabling you to maintain a style perfectly aligned with your commercial objectives. Create playlists, launch in-store promotional messages and play the coolest songs on-demand. All that and much more!



USB/Disk updates 

The connected store is a myth within many North American commercial chains. Stingray Business has adapted to the occasional absence of in-store broadband services by delivering background music player updates via USB sticks or disks. Despite the lack of an active network connection, the media device still offers dual-zone capability and access to a control site. 



Digital Satellite delivery offers access to the same great features and benefits provided by our IP platforms. All you need is a satellite receiver and a rooftop antenna connected to your sound system. Our receivers are designed to be virtually “plug and play” once connected to a correctly pointed satellite antenna. The system has been designed to use a .84-meter downlink antenna receiver that will receive a signal from AMC-1 - vertical polarity.