The store of the future

When large stores and boutiques come to us for their audio-visual needs, we respond enthusiastically with innovative music and digital solutions that bring to life their vision of the store of the future. Below are some of the areas we specialize in: 

  • Digital Mannequins 

  • LED advertising displays 

  • In-store music 

  • Interactive display units

  • Social interactions powered by RFID tags

  • Free standing digital totems 

  • Digital Signage

  • Digital tablets for staff

  • Larger than life video walls

  • And much much more... 

Retail Solutions

Great clothing and accessories are great, but you also need the right music combined with top-of-the-line audio-visual solutions to make your retail environment stand out from the competition. You can count on Stingray Business’ years of valuable expertise in the field of sensorial communication to create the perfect custom-designed ambiance. By tapping into our network of interior design firms, we can develop end-to-end in-store marketing strategies that are fueled by interdisciplinary creativity. The results:  attract more clients, increase time spent in your store and the amount spent by each client, and build brand loyalty.  



84% of business owners say music helps create a better atmosphere for customers.

63% agree that playing music encourages customers to stay longer in-store.

60% of clients admit to buying more and spending more time in boutiques with an atmosphere they enjoyed. 

Vision critial, April 2012 

You can hedge against the e-commerce surge and other disrupting forces in the world of retail by always being on the lookout for innovative ways to keep your clients entertained. While customer support, flexible return policies and an excellent quality-price ratio remain critical, retail stores are morphing into social spaces where the right music selection and other ambient factors have become increasingly important.

Creating successful in-store strategies equals offering memorable experiences. Interactive boards that connect with phone apps or in-store products, larger than life video walls, and customized playlists filled the music of up-and-coming artists are just a few of the in-store innovations offered by Stingray Business. For examples of our mood-enhancing media experiences, browse through our project portfolio.

Music for retail Stores 


Tired of using satellite radio? Annoyed of hearing your competitors’ ads on local FM stations? We’ve got the quick and easy solution for you! Stingray Business lets you choose from more than 600 right-included channels of non-stop music to reflect your brand. We also offer the best pricing on all audio equipment and installations. 

It has been proven that the right music has a measurable impact on customers: they will spend more time in your store, have better brand recall, and have an improved perception of the quality of service and products offered. Stingray Business’ team of expert music programmers will create a personalized musical ambiance that includes the latest releases; keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Did you know that you still have to pay copyright fees if you play commercial radio in your retail store? Did you know that playing music on an iPod or MP3 player in commercial settings without remitting royalties is strictly forbidden? Stingray Business owns all the national licenses required to broadcast your content, allowing you to bypass the bureaucratic, cumbersome and expensive procedures of remitting copyright fees on your own. We pay license fees to Canada’s two main licensing bodies: Re:Sound and SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada). These organizations collect license fees, as set by the Copyright Board of Canada, from anyone playing or broadcasting live or recorded music. We also pay licensing fees to CONNECT MUSIC (formerly AVLA) and SOPROQ. These two organizations issue licenses to all Canadian background music suppliers that reproduce sound recordings. This particular license lets us choose from millions of sound recordings without having to obtain clearances for each individual track. Therefore, our music offering is limitless in both genre and style.

In-store Music app 

In addition to the products and services described previously, Stingray Business can offer retail chains the option of hosting exclusive playlists on the Stingray Music mobile app. Clients can now take home the in-store experience by enabling the app at your location. Music is an extension of your brand and it is invaluable to the client experience.