Restaurant Music 

Background music is just as important to your success as the food you make, the drinks you serve and the artwork hanging your walls. Stingray Business is an expert in the development of tailored sensorial communication strategies and the creation of memorable atmospheres that redefine the customer experience. By providing more than just traditional filler music, our audio consultants can help you create a distinctive restaurant music ambiance that will resonate with your customer base and encourage repeat visits.

background music for restaurants stingray business
background music for restaurants stingray business

To get music pumping through their veins, bars and restaurants have historically turned to satellite radio, FM radio, mp3s and CDs; all of which present major drawbacks. FM and Satellite radio are filled with interruptions in the form of talk and advertising. Mp3 music and CDs are managed by employees who will often put their personal tastes ahead of the ideal music for your place of business. In addition, the complicated and costly process necessary to legally broadcast music can be headache-inducing! Choosing a trusted music provider like Stingray Business is a hassle free solution that will guarantee impeccable music 24/7. 

Digital menu boards for quick service restaurants

With double digit growth in the fast food franchise industry over the last two years, head offices have turned to digital signage as an easy way to schedule franchise-wide media. Stingray Business offers content management from a centralized hub that allows you to deliver targeted, time-appropriate menus that increase sales across the entire franchise network. Adding and promoting new menu items can be just a few clicks away! Our embedded software solution lets you schedule and play a range of media files that can be stored on an internal hard drive, a remote server, a set-back box, or a USB key, and played on full color indoor LED displays. 

Modernize you traditional menus by mandating our design team to convert your backlit or paper displays to dynamic digital templates! You can remotely update your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus with new photos and prices at any time to coincide with limited time offers. Browse through our portfolio to learn more about the digital solutions we rolled out at Amir, Van Houtte, and Dagwoods. 


Digital menu board benefits

  • Increase your sales by 3 to 5 % (Average time to recoup your digital menu board investment: 6 to 12 months);
  • Enhance the overall customer experience; 
  • Increase sales of promotional items; 
  • Ensure brand consistency; 
  • Reduce perceived wait times and entertain customers.