With its collaborations with local companies such as Café Olimpico, Off The Hook boutique and local artists such as Steven Spazuk, the hotel is a destination in itself and successfully brings the essence of Montreal's culutural sphere into one place. Their market fresh restaurant, Maggie Oakes, brings high quality local products to the table in a design reminiscent of high end restaurants seen accross the world. As a whole, the hotel was conceived with locals and tourists in mind. With its stunning marble fireplace, its cozy couches and communal table, the hotel lobby is an inviting shared space that makes anyone want to linger just a little longer. 

Stingray Business worked closely with the Antonopoulos Group's team to develop sensorial experience, both musically and olfactory, that fits within the vision they had for their new hotel. After a few meetings, our team of experts created an intangible atmosphere that has pleased visitors and the management team alike and has successfully created an unforgettable customer experience.