TELUS wanted to create a fun and interactive way for its clientele to play around with speakers and test sound quality within its flagship stores. Our team was asked to help TELUS create an integrated solution that would have a sleek design and feature a wide variety of music genres that could allow users to test the speakers to their fullest potential.


The brand-new TELUS Sound Table offers a unique buying experience to its customers by letting them interact with a stunning and user-friendly interface. Clients can control all speakers available in store at the TELUS Sound Table by using the custom app created by Stingray Business. 

Bluetooth speakers come in a large variety and with many different features, shoppers often find themselves at a loss when presented with so many options. Our Sound Table makes the decision process easier by giving customers more power and taking away that shopping anxiety.

Users can now compare sound quality between different models and to choose the speaker that fits their needs while enjoying a fun in-store music experience!


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