Wowing the Showroom with a Giant Video Wall

olivier ford stingray business video wall

Olivier Ford is a successful car dealership located on the South Shore of Montreal with the largest selection of Ford vehicles in the region. President Jacques Olivier Jr. is passionate about his business and turned to Stingray Business to give his showroom a competitive edge.

Competiting with the online shopping cart

Olivier Ford was faced with the pressures of a competitive and evolving marketplace, amongst them the growing popularity of online shopping and the specific challenge of zoning restrictions limiting the possibility of expanding the size of the showroom and service center; a step taken by many competitors to impress clients and compete with the inventory of online dealerships. A recent study published by Forbes suggests that by 2020 about 5% of all cars will be sold online. In this context Mr. Olivier chose to prioritize service amongst current challenges. He searched for a solution to stand out from the competition, improve the buying experience for customers, and promote products and service in a memorable way. 


The solution: GO BIG!

Olivier Ford selected Stingray Business as a service provider for its expertise in creating innovative digital experiences aligned with clients’ brands. The solution developed for Olivier Ford had to meet a series of criteria established in collaboration with Louis-Philippe LeBlanc-Boucher, director, marketing and customer experience of Olivier Ford: 

Following an evaluation of the client’s requirements and objectives, Stingray Business proposed a 3-step technological improvement plan that would begin with the installation of a massive video wall made up of 50 46’’ inch screens with wall-thin bezels for seamless content integration. The sheer scale of the video wall stops all visitors in their tracks and provides the desired wow effect.

« As president, I wanted to elevate the customer experience and differentiate our dealership from the competition. We decide to implement three phases of technological improvements never before seen in Canada. It is through our partnership with Stingray Business that we were able to implement the country’s largest interactive screen in a commercial setting. »

-  Jaques Olivier Jr., President 

Exciting and engaging content

Easily controlled by employees or customers using an iPad with a proprietary content management system, the giant video wall can broadcast a variety of entertaining, interactive and informative content:

To reach the objective of increasing the inventory available to customers without expanding the size of the showroom, a catalogue of models in all colours will be available for display in the second phase of the project.  


More benefits than meets the eye

The installation of a large-scale video wall and the development of custom content do more than impress visitors. It generates positive feedback, increases positive word of mouth, and positions the dealership as cutting-edge and innovative. The video-wall is also a money-saving alternative to printing promotional material, it increases the time spent on the premises by the average customer, and most importantly it brings the fun back into visiting a car dealership! 


What’s next?

The third phase of the project will take the implementation of an innovative digital solution to the next level. Interactive terminals installed throughout the dealership will recreate the ease of the online shopping experience on the premise. Alone or with the help of a member of the Olivier Ford team, customers will have access to the complete inventory of Ford models and available options. Online shopping + expert support = the best of both worlds!

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