M0851 is the emblem of local Montreal craftsmanship. Since its inception, it has become a household name on the international scene. Frédéric Mamarbachi founded the company in 1987 (named Rugby North America until 2003), and started selling fine leather goods in his first retail space on Saint-Laurent street. After Montreal came a flagship store in Soho, NYC. Their phenomenal growth has lead them to open stores all the way from Madrid, Spain to Tokyo, Japan.

Frédéric Mamarbachi is not bound by trends and seasonality. He is known as someone who has always followed his own path and vision – and feels it can be translated into his company’s aesthetic. The brand’s identity can be translated by its classic, timeless, durable and gender neutral products. This explains the presence of an extensive permanent collection! M0851 identifies itself thus more as a design house than a fashion house. The functionalist side of their products lead to a loyal customer base that has grown over the years. Customers gravitate toward their discreet and high-quality goods.

What are their keys to success? After 30 years, they say, it’s pretty simple: “know what you are about”. The current fashion zeitgeist can be summed up as fast-fashion: ever changing trends and continuous consumption of clothing. M0581 embodies the antithesis of the fast movement. They craft timeless, high-quality products that their client base wants to keep. Their durability makes for a long-lasting item. Their stores are an extension of the brands identity. The interior is designed with raw materials in a minimalistic setting. This highlights the products, letting them speak for themselves. Think wood and concrete, polished yet raw. In these spaces, something rare happens: one can witness a bridge in the generational gap. Mother, daughter and granddaughter browse together and all find something to their liking.

Stingray Business as helped curate music that fits within Frédéric’s brand vision. Music being an integral part of his personal life, it was important to create a cohesive environment for his store – that doesn’t distract from the products. It needs to be almost muted, neutral and authentic. We chose a lot of classical music, jazz, and local passionate artists such as Patrick Watson and Coeur de Pirate. It was instrumental to make sure there was a smooth transition between each song to create a harmonious environment. Our musical curators were able to create the perfect sound environment for the firm.

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