New Market, New Challenges

Imagine launching in a new, extremely competitive market where you do not have any brand recognition. To add to the challenge, your plan includes opening four locations in a month! How do you generate buzz? How do you tell your brand’s story? How do you differentiate from the competition?


These were the questions faced by BESTSELLER, a family-owned clothing and accessories company founded in Denmark in 1975, when planning the launch of its new BESTSELLER HOMME/FEMME banner in Canada. Part of the answer was found in a Stingray Business custom music channel.

To fulfill its mission of delivering a unique shopping experience for customers to discover on-trend European fashions in an inspiring environment, BESTSELLER turned to Stingray Business for in-store music that tells their brand’s story the minute shoppers walk in.



Music for Brand-Building

Music paves the way to our emotion; when it is perfectly aligned with a brand it can make consumers feel that they are part of a tribe…and that is a very powerful tool! The right in-store music channel quickly communicates the brand identity and is thus as important as any visual element.

The BESTSELLER team had a clear vision of the in-store experience they wanted to provide: an authentic Scandinavian feel that would set it apart from its competitors. To support the brand-building effort, Stingray Business selected music true to BESTSELLER'S brand identity, using design plans of the new stores as inspiration. The client’s understanding of the crucial role music would play in the branding strategy combined with constant, open communication expedited the process to less than two months.

The initial agreed-upon music selection included cutting-edge indie tracks by international and Scandinavian artists. After extensive internal feedback from the BESTSELLER team, and to attract younger shoppers, the channel quickly evolved into a high-energy selection of chart-topping pop and indie-pop tracks.

"At the onset of the project, we had selected a lot of indie electro artists that we had combined with Scandinavian music to create an atmosphere that was icy on the outside but warm on the inside. In the weeks that followed the store openings, we replaced much of the indie music by pop tracks. This moved the music into a younger and more upbeat direction. BESTSELLER is dedicated to maintaining a fresh sound in place that best serves their core customers, while still maintaining its Scandinavian roots."

-Patrick Charles, music programmer at Stingray.

Broadcasting a unique music selection, different from that heard in other stores, can make all the difference when introducing a new brand. Infusing the BESTSELLER HOMME/FEMME with tracks by artists from Denmark and other Scandinavian countries was therefore a top priority.

“The channel Stingray Business created for us really reinforces that we are a company with Danish roots.  The music is current and trendy, it  gives a European feel to our stores that sets us apart without making us too different…It just makes us more authentic. When you select the right songs, pick the right tempo, the right lyrics, and adapt according to the time of the day, you achieve the perfect balance.” 

-Frank Rochetti, Director of visual and marketing for North America, Bestseller

In addition to custom music, Stingray Business was also mandated to provide all AV systems (Stingray Business is an official BOSE reseller) and install them in a manner that respects the elegant, streamlined design of the stores and the raw materials used in the construction.



An Ear for Fashion

During BESTSELLER HOMME/FEMME four store openings last September, guests discovered a new line of European fashion along with music perfectly adapted to the shopping experience.

The BESTSELLER HOMME/FEMME channel can broadcast a full day of music without repetition and is refreshed each month with 10% of new content. Following the first few weeks of operations, at the client’s request, the music selection was again adapted to provide even more high-energy beats during peak, high-traffic periods. Just like it does at home, choosing the right music for a commercial environment goes a long way to setting the mood!

This successful collaboration between BESTSELLER HOMME/FEMME channel and Stingray Business highlights the significance of music to an organization’s brand identity.  A distinctive sound and musical ambiance is within the reach of every organization with input from creative music experts. 


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