The perfect music channels for your business 

Give your brand a distinctive sound with our affordable and licensed background music channels! Our team of 85 expert music programmers have carefully handpicked each song to create a cohesive and appealing experience in your commercial establishment. Choose from our extensive selection of fully licensed channels in every genre or develop your signature brand atmosphere with a customized playlist. All our playlists are designed for businesses of screened for inappropriate content. 

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Music Channel Samples

Hit List Quebec

Hit List 

Keep up with what's hot on today's charts with this skillfully dayparted collection of hit songs.


A diverse collection of tracks that all have something in common: their silky smoothness! This channel sets an ambiance worthy of the trendiest cocktail lounges


High-energy electronic music that pushes the stylistic boundaries of the genre.
Sunny Oldies

Sunny Oldies

The true golden oldies; a collection of tracks guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Core background music offer 

Choose from an extensive selection of background music channels that span all genres and tempos. With over 600 carefully curated music channels, our affordable service features more songs and less repetition than most competitors for a perfect in-store experience! Stingray Business puts the power into your hands, giving you full control over the content you decide to share with your clientele in an easy and timely manner via our management interface. Strengthen or completely turn around your brand by finding the channel that is just right for you. 

Custom music channels

Every major international brand uses and invests in music as part of its communication strategy. Why not put this tool to use for your business? Set the tone for a unique and memorable customer experience that reflects your brand personality by developing your own customized commercial music channel. After conducting thorough market research, our sound designers will develop a unique musical identity that is tailored to your brand and that appeals to your target demographic. This advanced solution is ideal for larger chains and franchises looking to expand their reach while creating a consistent experience globally. 


82% of people enjoy holiday music while they shop

Hurry up! The most exciting moment of the year is almost here. Don’t wait any longer to create the perfect in-store holiday atmosphere. If you have not already, please forward your final channel selection today.

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Our playlists are licensed for commercial use 

If you use background music, music videos and messages in your business, a SOCAN, RE:SOUND, CMRRA-SODRAC Inc. (CSI), Connect Music Licensing and SOPROQ license may be required. Stingray Business owns all the national licenses required to broadcast your content. Avoid a long, strenuous and sometimes costly administrative process by leaving the copyright and licensing fees up to our legal counsel.  

What makes us the number one audio provider in the country? 

Counting close to 74,000 customers, Stingray Business has had the opportunity to work hand in hand with several key industry players to gain a better understanding of the retail landscape across Canada. These commercial ties have allowed us to develop a flexible product that responds to your everyday needs. Our playlists are 100% commercial free, self-managed, fully licensed, screened of inappropriate content and available on a multitude of platforms.

No matter your musical or digital signage requirements, Stingray Business has the solutions to provide uninterrupted, crystal clear sound everywhere and anytime you want. Our content is available on mobile, media players, satellite dishes or USB/disks that are shipped directly to you.


Custom audio and on-hold messaging 

Influence your client’s buying patterns through targeted on-hold phone messages and in-store audio advertising. Stingray business helps optimize your ongoing dialogue with clients by offering a complete range of copywriting services, professional voice-overs and personalized jingles.

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