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TLMUX / Musique : Tuer la musique d'ascenseur

Pourquoi et comment tuer la musique d’ascenseur? C’est la question que nos collègues Stéphanie Johnston et Vien Bui ont abordée lors de la conférence TLMUX / Musique présentée par Tout le Monde UX, organisation qui propose des soirées où...

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Canadian Tire Products Parade 2015: Stingray Business exhibiting as the CTDA approved in-store music and messaging vendor

We are thrilled to announce that Stingray Business will be exhibiting at this year’s Canadian Tire Products Parade as the CTDA approved in-store music and messaging supplier....

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How Custom Music Fits Into Bestseller’s Launch Strategy

What do you do when you are an avant-garde European fashion brand wanting to create a buzz in the Canadian market? If you are prestigious Danish chain BESTSELLER HOMME/FEMME, you partner with Stingray Business to create a custom musical ambiance in...

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When digital signage goes beyond expectations and may save lives!

Global display provider Samsung has recently unveiled its prototype "Safety Truck", an innovative new concept that recalls us that benefits of digital signage can go beyond those we get in a commercial context: it may actually save lives! ...

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STORE 2015: Come and meet our team at booth #510

We are thrilled to be exhibiting at Retail Council of Canada's ‪‎STORE 2015‬, Canada’s premier retail industry held annually in Toronto!...

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