Influence your clients' buying patterns through targeted on-hold phone messages and in-store audio advertising



Influence your client’s buying patterns through targeted on-hold phone messages and in-store audio advertising. Stingray Business helps optimize your ongoing dialogue with clients by offering a complete range of copywriting services, professional voice-overs and personalized jingles.

In-store messaging 

Experience the benefits of audio advertising by punctuating your music programs with expertly designed in-store messages. Our simple upload tool (available free of charge) allows you to schedule and broadcast targeted messages that support your point of sale marketing promotions. Give your brand a signature sound by crafting what will come to be known as your in-store radio network.

The seamless integration of voice recordings into your musical lineup will help you connect with your clients and make a permanent imprint in their minds. Moreover, giving your overhead promotions a catchy hook will help you increase impulse shopping and draw attention to targeted items/limited time offers.

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On-hold messaging 

Upload self-composed or prerecorded messages onto your on-hold phone system to improve your customers’ caller experience! Reroute your music program to your phone system and entertain your callers while they wait for assistance. Retain callers, reduce hang-ups and engage customers with relevant information that makes the time fly by.

Without messages or music, nearly 60% of business callers placed on hold will hang up. Almost 30% of these callers won’t call back. 

– CNN, 2013

Our audio advertising services

Promote your products and connect with your customers by choosing from the various studio services detailed below:

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