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Stingray Business is happy to present the exclusive 2017 holiday music programming for SB3 customers. Bring the season to life in any environment by choosing any channel from the list below. Please complete your holiday music channel order today!

Care to sample our holiday lineup? 
Write to to request a free listening link and to make your choice of channels today! 

Please note that all internet connected locations will have one standard holiday channel available as of December 1st should we not hear from you by October 15th.

*Additional late fees of $50 may now apply



A Christmas Blend

A Christmas Blend 

This wide-ranging selection of Holiday music always sets a festive mood! Everyone will enjoy this seasonable collection of lounge-style remixes, jazz tracks performed by the masters, instrumental pieces, and traditional and contemporary hits.
Noel Franco Retro

Noel Franco Retro

Celebrate the Holidays the old-fashioned way with these French-language classics of the '60s, '70s, and '80.
Christmas Oldies

Christmas Favourites

Holiday classics you know and love of the '60s, '70s, and '80s.
Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktails (S360-1-050)

A stylish and modern twist on the Holiday classics you've grown up with.
Contemporary Christmas

Contemporary Christmas

The best in popular, contemporary Holiday music; all your favourites of the '90s and '00s.
Holiday Jazz Standards

Holiday Jazz Standards

Classic jazz artists performing your favourite Christmas songs! The ultimate way to create holiday magic.
Instrumental Christmas

Instrumental Christmas

Instrumental tracks that will put everyone in a merry, Holiday mood.
Noel Franco Contemporain

Noel Franco Contemporain

Santa is sure to come down your chimney when he hears these recent French-language Holiday favourites.
Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad (S360-1-2227)

In need of sunshine this Christmas? Some Latin pop, salsa and bolero will get you in the holiday spirit in no time.
Christmas Canadian Blend

Christmas Canadian Blend

Festive holiday tracks from some classic Canadian artists. 
Crooners Holiday

Crooners Holiday

A collection of the most festive, sentimental holiday tracks from classic artists. 

The following channels are available as a blend of our regular music offerings & holiday music.

By choosing from one of our channels below, you can choose a mix of either 25% Holiday, 50% Holiday, or 75% Holiday music. 

We also offer a progressive holiday music option for each channel, which will increase in the percentage of holiday music by date.

Nov 14th-23rd: 25% holiday music

Nov 24th-Dec 15th: 50% holiday music

Dec 16th-Dec 24th: 75% holiday music



Quebec Palmares

Available with a mix of 

S360-1- 205: 25% Holiday Music 

S360-1-206: 50% Holiday Music 

S360-1-207: 75% Holiday Music


S360- 1-208


Adult Contemporary 

Available with a mix of 

S360-1- 208: 25% Holiday Music 

S360-1-209: 50% Holiday Music 

S360-1-210: 75% Holiday Music


S360- 1-213

Hit List

Available with a mix of 

S360-1- 211: 25% Holiday Music 

S360-1-212: 50% Holiday Music 

S360-1-213: 75% Holiday Music


S360- 1-217


Hit List Quebec

Available with a mix of 

S360-1- 214: 25% Holiday Music 

S360-1-215: 50% Holiday Music 

S360-1-216: 75% Holiday Music


S360- 1-224


Stingray FM

Available with a mix of 

S360-1- 102: 25% Holiday Music 

S360-1-100: 50% Holiday Music 

S360-1-220: 75% Holiday Music


S360- 1-222



Stingray Hot FM Quebec

Available with a mix of 

S360-1- 230: 25% Holiday Music 

S360-1-231: 50% Holiday Music 

S360-1-232: 75% Holiday Music


S360- 1-237





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