Installing and using your SB Media Player

The SB-2 is the only delivery system you need to create an engaging in-store experience. Connect with your customers through a unique musical identity, vocal messages and stunning HD videos!

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Can I play my own mp3s, CDs, streaming service or personnal playlists in my commercial space?

The simple answer is no, you cannot. At least not without the proper paperwork. When businesses are not properly licensed, it is considered a breach of the federal regulations governing music broadcasting in a commercial setting and it deprives music creators of their deserved earnings.

By law, permission to publicly perform and reproduce music in public is not automatically granted when you purchase CDs or mp3s. You must either subscribe to a commercial music service or contact the appropriate music licensing collective societies yourself to remit the necessary fees. In Canada you will need to contact as many as 5 collecting societies to ensure that you are fully covered for the use of music in your commercial setting, and each has different prices, structures and governance models.

The price of Stingray Business' music service always includes the payment of all necessary rights for use of background music. You never have to worry about royalties again.

Why should I subscribe to a commercial music provider's service?

With the rising popularity of internet shopping and online discount coupons, an increasing number of bars, restaurants, hotels and stores are turning to companies such as Stingray Business to craft memorable brand experiences for their clientele. By providing more than just traditional filler music, our audio consultants help businesses create enjoyable atmospheres that will resonate with customers and encourage repeat visits.

Several studies conducted over the years have reached the same conclusion: music is VITAL to a commercial establishment’s success. 74% of survey respondents feel music is important to the customer experience, while 72% rank it above decor when evaluating customer experience.

Above all, it is the hassle- free aspect of the service that draws more and more people. Its all-inclusive monthly fee includes rights and royalties, music channel subscription and song updates.

How can I have my music played on Stingray Business?

If you wish to submit your music for consideration for airplay on Stingray Business, please forward a download link for a zipped high quality digital version of your new release to Please do not send music or data files as email attachments. You can also mail one copy of your CD to the following address:

Music Director
Stingray Music
730 Wellington street
Montreal QC H3C1T4

Please only submit current music releases. We will contact you if we require your back catalogue.


How do I subscribe/unsubscribe?

To contact us, use our online form or call us at 1-888-685-2486 FREE. An account executive will get in touch with you shortly.

If you wish to stop receiving music in your commercial establishment, you can do so by writing to



How much does Stingray Business' commercial music service cost?

The cost of a Stingray Business package varies depending on the number of locations, the number of channels and the level of customization the customer requires. Please fill out our contact form to request a quote.

What channels does Stingray Business offer?

Stingray Business offers various channels covering a wide spectrum of musical styles. Discover them now!


How often will I receive new music updates?

You will receive regular music updates according to your commercial establishment’s predetermined schedule (monthly or bi-monthly). If your commercial establishment is connected to the Internet, you will receive updates wirelessly and there will be no intervention required on your part. If your commercial establishment is not connected to the Internet, you will be sent a USB key with instructions on how to update your player. 

Where can I find information on my account?

Stingray Business is presently developping a portal to better serve its clients. Our billing page will soon feature a section containing your account information and the status of your payments. Stay tuned! 

Who do I contact for any billing/payment issues with my Stingray account?

Please contact us at 1.888.685.2486 – Press option 3 for Finance, then option 1 to reach a customer service agent. You can also reach us at Your question will be answered within 3 business hours.

Questions related to our media players?

For support related questions, please visit: to browse through the most common client inquiries.

Holiday Music

How do I activate my Holiday music? 

It’s never too soon to start planning the perfect in-store holiday experience. Make your holiday music channel selection today!

Please select your in-store holiday channels by September 30th via our dedicated website. 

How do I modify my Holiday music?

You can modify your Holiday music at any time via our dedicated website. Charges may apply for any requests made after the September 30th deadline. 

What is this year's Holiday music programming? 

Our Holiday programming is updated every year to keep the content fresh and relevant. You can take a look at this year's Holiday music lineup on our dedicated website