Make changes to my music lineup 

If your music player is connected to Internet, you can make changes to your music lineup easily. Simply log in to your account through our sign in page and select the channel you wish to play.  The control site also allows you to change channels, block songs, upload messages, program messages into your music lineup and much more. 

If your music player is not connected to Internet, it is possible you do not have access to your online account and will not be able to change your channels. Connect your device today by contacting us.


What does my media player look like? I can't find it in my back-store!


Update my billing information

To update you billing information, contact our accounting team.

Change my payment method 

Stop sending cheques and start sending payments quickly and automatically! Our flexible methods of payment allow you to remit your monthly invoices through: pre-authorized credit, pre-authorized debit and Internet/telephone banking. Note that invoices are issued and sent 2 to 3 weeks prior to the invoice date. 


Cancel my subscription 

If you wish to stop receiving music in your commercial establishment, you can do so by writing to