Started in Montreal by cofounders Sophie Boulanger and Louis-Felix Boulanger, BonLook is the trendiest destination for your eyewear wardrobe needs. We worked with them to provide them with the right sound that complements their brand. 

We sat down with Montreal-based BonLook to talk about their brand, as well as to discuss the positive impact that playing music in their stores has on their sales. 

BonLook defines themselves as the ultimate destination for trendy eyewear wardrobe. They believe that this means more than just having the right assortment of products. It also means creating a cool, in-store vibe that makes the customer want to stay in-store longer. For us at Stingray Business, creating the right in-store vibe is our specialty.  


Creating the ultimate in-store vibe

Together, BonLook and the Stingray Business music experts work to create the perfect playlist that fits with their trendy brand image. BonLook stays true to their Montreal roots, defining their music style as a mix of Electropop with a French twist! 

‘’The goal is to ensure that the customer loves the music so much that they want to stay in store longer, which will in turn allow them to discover more products, while getting advice from the stylists.’’ – Christine Boivin, Director Communications & Marketing  

In today’s competitive retail world, standing out from the competition is key. BonLook achieves this by creating an innovative in-store experience, mixing style with functionality and creating high-quality products.

Stingray Business expert music curators create the ultimate in-store music that complements the assortment. 

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