Digital signage for offices

digital signage solutions stingray business

Our line of digital signage solutions has positioned us as a strategic partner for many small and medium businesses faced with internal communication issues. Often overlooked, on-screen messages can help companies keep their staff informed, up-to-date and motivated. Our internal networks instantly boost company culture, foster a collaborative environment and accelerate growth. Choose from hundreds of hours of soothing visuals, news, music videos and live feeds, or create unique branded content to reach key marketing objectives. The choice is yours.

Digital signage applications in offices, factories and waiting rooms 

  • Inform your employees on the latest company updates;
  • Broadcast important messages in a timely manner;
  • Complement your internal newsletter or replace it completely;
  • Provide trainings for employees;
  • Weekly quizzes;
  • Employee of the week photos;
  • Use as a loyalty tool to instill a sense of belonging;
  • Share company results and statistics. 

Music solutions for offices 

Playing commercial music playlists may be a great way to boost employee and client morale, but did you know that you have to pay copyright fees? Were you aware that playing music on iPods and MP3s in commercial places of business without remitting royalties is strictly forbidden? With Stingray Business, never worry about copyrights ever again! Stingray Business has the license to use, broadcast, and reproduce all the titles in our music library. A portion of every dollar collected each month goes towards paying the Canadian collective rights societies to fairly compensate the artists who create the music you and your customers love. 

By paying these mandatory license fees to organizations such as SOCAN and CONNECT MUSIC, you are ensuring that music creators are fairly compensated and continue to create the music that makes your business better.  

Trust our team of music experts to translate your brand into a rich musical atmosphere with the help of handpicked songs, intelligently assembled playlists and cutting-edge audio systems. Thanks to our partnership with audio giant Bose, we can offer our clients best-in-class speakers and amps at incredible prices. The best part is that we take care of everything, from wiring to installing speakers, so that you don't have to!

As a leading audio provider, we can design acoustic systems specially adapted to fit your business and your budget to optimize your background music and customer experiences. Whether you want to enliven your next office cocktail or provide an environment adapted to your image, we have a solution for you.

background music for offices stingray business

For a small incremental fee, quick and easy on-hold messaging options can be added to your monthly music package. Re-route your music and personalized messages to your telephone system to inform your clients about your products while they wait for the next available customer service representative.


Sound masking to increase confidentiality

Our sound masking service is ideal for certain types of offices and businesses (e.g. financial institutions). It offers an excellent acoustic solution that contributes to increased productivity and improved employee concentration while ensuring confidentiality. The end result: an increase in your overall profit.

Whether your offices are large or small, Stingray Business will provide the right audio and video solutions to create a safe, stimulating and productive environment for both your staff and your customers.