In-store audio advertising 

Optimize your audio advertising by punctuating your music programs with expertly designed in-store messages. The seamless integration of messages into your music lineup can support many customer retention and financial objectives. Our reliable and convenient technology allows you to: 


  • Manage and schedule your messages online.
  • Choose from satellite, digital, or disc delivery options. 
  • Customize messages for multiple locations.
  • Easily integrate music beds into your messages.

Forget the one size fits all approach! Stingray Business is all about customization. Our tailored messaging services have been developed to ensure our clients’ unique needs are met with unique solutions. This commitment to quality translates into a personalized service for every customer. When you sign up, a dedicated voice consultant will automatically be assigned to your account. Their role will be to accompany you throughout your customer journey and to help you figure out the best creative paths to engage in, proposing the most affordable messaging bundles along the way.

On-Hold Music 


For an on-hold experience that remains consistent with your in-store vibe, reroute background music channels to your phone system. Upload self-composed or pre-recorded audio ads to the on-hold phone system. Your on-hold music will help retain callers, reduce hang-ups, and engage customers.